Free Solar Panels from the Government in the UK?

UK House with new solar panels

Looking for free solar panels from the Government? Well, that’s not quite the offer available, but a lot of our customers ask this.

There is a relatively new service designed to encourage the installation of solar panels, for generating free electricity from the sun. It is a well known fact that there are a few solar power grants available to aid in the fixture of a solar photovoltaic system. With one of the most prominent being the Grid Trade Incentive.

The Grid Trade Incentive is an example of a Clean Energy Cashback scheme, reimbursing people for producing their own green energy. The scheme has its origins in the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) incorporating the Energy Act 2008 to support carbon energy production. Grid Trade Incentives now aid in the implementation of numerous solar photovoltaic systems.

PV systems employ photovoltaic plates, comprised of silicon cells. They are installed to the roof of the home. When struck by daylight they convert solar radiation to electrical energy. This is how you can literally channel the power of the sun to create electricity and Grid Trade Incentives can assist in this task.

Feed in Tariffs where operational from the 1st of April 2010. It is a payment for people fitting a PV system, to create electrical energy. The government backed system was created to augment energy production, while increasing its use in Britain. The plan is for Feed in Tariffs to raise energy levels through renewable means in Britain by 15% in ten years.

February 2012 saw government grants for generating electrical energy come to an end. However, Grid Trading offer exceptional enticement. It cuts down on reliance on the national grid, while reducing energy costs. But this barely scratches the surfaces on the extraordinary benefits both Grid Trade Incentives and free solar panels afford.

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