Free Solar Panels in Scotland

MCS Approved Solar Panels Installation In Scotland

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Scotland is at the vanguard of domestic solar micro-generation – with thousands of homeowners across Scotland choosing us to install state of the art photovoltaic systems to roofs of houses everywhere.

There is a significant demand for solar panels in Scotland, and fortunately, there is a firm based in Scotland offering amongst the most excellent solar microgeneration systems.

We can arrange installs one of the leading brands of solar panels to your roof so you can generate your own electricity!

We use photovoltaic (PV) plates with cells made of silicon fitted to the roof. The cells, when hit by daylight, convert solar radiation into electrical energy. You get free electricity from the sun, and this is used for heat, light and power in your home.

Photovoltaic cells don’t require clear blue skies or direct sunlight to work – so yes, homes in Scotland can have them installed too! PV solar panels even operate a cloudy overcast day.

There is a wide range of solar panel systems which are available to homeowners in Scotland.

Call or Email us now and find out how you too can have solar panels for your home installed. Whether you choose to buy or finance – we are here to help you make the right choice for you.