Free Solar Panels

Free solar panels – too good to be True?

Solar panels otherwise known as photovoltaic (PV), are an interconnected array of solar panels… These panels generate electrical energy from daylight. They absorb the daylight and convert it into electricity. This results in an abundant energy supply, which can be used to part power a property. We install the systems used to create electrical energy, to your home, at no overinflated cost to yourselves.

Is my roof suitable for solar panels? DO I quality for FREE solar panels?

If the roof has the room to fix a minimum quantity of panels or system size, then it is suitable for us to install solar panels to your property. The solar panels generally take up to 30 square metres of space. The roof of your home will generally be facing a southerly direction, be it south, south east or south west and have the right ‘pitch’. We can make that determination for you and give you all the advice you need. Just fill in your details in the form.

How many solar panels do I need?

We have minimum criteria for system size or number of panels.

How long will they generate free electricity?

It’s in our interest as well as yours to ensure that the system operates to its full potential for 25 years. We will monitor its performance and carry out any service or remedial work as and when necessary.

Will a free solar panel system ruin the look of my house?

Solar panels are not an eyesore (although with everything – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.). The latest Embedded solar panels are hardly noticeable.

Will a free solar panel system increase the value of my house?

Quite possibly, yes. Our free solar panels will provide you or any new Homeowner free electricity during daylight hours. This has to be a benefit with today’s ever-increasing energy prices.

Will solar panels make energy bills a thing of the past?

Unfortunately no. Solar panels will not take care of all your electricity needs. You will still need to purchase electricity in the normal way at night or on days when there is insufficient daylight. You will still receive an electricity bill. But solar panels will provide an alternative form of power for 25 year. Allowing you to cut costs on what your regular energy bill would be.

How much energy do my free solar panels produce?

This depends on where you live in the country. System size will dictate a peak output rate.

Do you need planning permission to install solar panels?

The answer is no. The installation of solar panels falls within what’s called permitted development. Permission is only required if fitting to listed buildings, in conservation areas or in areas classed as outstanding natural beauty. As in any modification to the exterior of your house, we always recommend you check with your local council just to be 100% certain.

Do free solar panels need constant maintenance?

No. But like you we have a vested interest that the array works to optimum levels. We do this by installing a remote monitoring facility.

Are flat roofs suitable for free solar panels?

Yes you can fit solar panels to a flat roof.